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For the few who are waiting....

A few of you out there may be wondering where your X-mas gift is, although past experience will have prepared you for the answer already, expect something in the next few months, IF I have time. 

This includes friends in Seattle and San Diego. Which are actually some of the few friends I have.... 

Is it me or has this year X-mas is poor- as in literally, no one can afford anything? It wasn't very festive and I received only ONE X-mas card and no presents from friends save one person who sent some cute things for my dolls...

Speaking of dolls- here are all the new comers. I call it Dollpocalypse 2012

Rhen 001 002

This is Rhen, a free choice Rosette tan Vela, face-up unfortunately by me.

Lolcat Contest 002

This is my unnamed Fabric Delf Violet- she's the one on the right

Sant's Lap 2012 014

On the right is my Leeke World Arianna, Kinoko. 

Manon and Loonette arrive 022

And the last two arrivals of 2012, Cerisedolls Loonette (the bunny) and Manon who I named Madeline. No name for the bunny yet...
Check out this feminists and friends of feminists http://www.feministfrequency.com/2012/12/tedxwomen-talk-on-sexist-harassment-cyber-mobs/

I think the problem is that the anonymity of the internet give men free liscence to indulge in all the bad behavior that they have begun to be called on in the last decades (maybe two) and they don't like it. Because they're men and they have to 1) be right, 2) be beyond reproach no matter how bad their attitudes and 3) put their aggression against women somewher because dammit- you can't sexually harass female co-workers any more. All those crazy feminazis have taken away all manly freedoms- which were of course bad behaviors that hadn't been called into the light of day. So now they have the internet where there are no consequences. They won't be fired, fined, demoted, or even scowled at by the women in their lives (if they have any). So again, it's up to women to support eachother online, call out the behavior and demand consequences. Men who support women, and believe that women are human beings with rights also need to take a stand and be more vocal online in support of women.

I guess that's it... go back to LOLcats and internet porn now.



Well I HAD to buy a 62 gig flash drive to back up my art computer. It doesn't (and hasn't) recognized my external hard drive in a LOOOOONG time and it's starting make more mistakes. It has crashed a couple times and it's slowing down. 

BUT I got all the Harem girls, and my art docs off and yesterday I backed up my laptop with the external hard drive.

AND I got THE BEST DEAL on the Scandisk flash drive. Staples had a PNY drive 62 Gigs, for $47 ish dollars. But when I went to get it they had to substitute it with the Scan Disk which was $180!!! I got it for $53 (that's with tax) And it took an hour or so but I got the art docs off! I'm so relieved! 

I was hoping I could just leave the Scan Disk in but I had to restart in the middle of all this and when it came back on it didn't register the drive. But I pulled it out and plugged it back in and the disk worked.

I had an old 4gig flash drive I was using to shuttle art between the art computer and it came loose in the plastic casing and quit working! So I'm worried about plugging in and unplugging the Scan disk. I don't want it to break, and the USB ports are so tight it's really hard to be super gentle getting the flash drives to unplug.

Worse yet is I'm going to need a new art computer! My faithful old custom build is like 15 years old! It's had one power supply replaced, outlasted two Wacom tablet pens- HELL, I'm still using a Graphire 3!!! They don't even MAKE the old school monitors anymore! And I'm sorry- LCD screens look like ASS. The colors are washed out and the resolution is poo!! My art computer STILL HAS A REAL MONITOR THAT STILL WORKS!! It cost like $1500 back in the day but it has earned every bloody penny!! AND it has an Athalon! Like whoa right!?!?!

And you didn't believe me!

This is for all my EQ friends! http://homespunholt.deviantart.com/ Check it out! A Holt on DA! I told you it could be done! LOL! Not that I thought you didn't believe me... Its just funny, but DA is host to some pretty damn awesome RP groups! (Too many of which I keep joining!) But if anyone out there wants to revive their old holt from the zine days DA ia the place to do it! You can post stories and art, and RP actively in chat rooms and by note!

DA Ate My brain!

That's been where I've been all this time! Haunting my new crack Deviant Art! Ironic because I've been on it for 8 effing years! 

But I've been RPing, And drawing for RPS! OMG!! It's almost too much! I'm so behind! 

ANYWAY! I've watched a couple horror movies lately that have restored my faith in low budget horror flicks! One was The Shrine, which was filmed in Poland and the entirety of the supporting cast was Polish and spoke Polish, and there were no subtitles but you understood perfectly what was happening.

The other one which I just watched, and was so jazzed to recommend that I cane back to LJ for a minute- is Absentia! Oh my! Go watch it now! It's really excellent! I don't want to spoil it so that's all I'm going to say. If you like good character driven horror, low on gore high on suspense and intelligence then this one is for you! And it's tragic! Truly tragic! Not cheap emotional manipulation but it breaks your heart.

Bungle in the Jungle

Man I did it again... I totally ruined my DA RP based on Dark Moon Diary before it even had a chance. I rushed it into being and now it is just...lame.. I guess. Not lame in pop culture definition, lame as in it is limping along on one leg. Here is a link for all the good it will do http://nachtwald.deviantart.com/

I SHOULD have taken months to get it up and running, teased people with it. Made the admins finish their characters first, made it look sexay and exciting and then everyone would be clamoring to join! AND THEN I should have opened apps for like two days so everyone would panic and join.

But no! My stupid enthusiasm sunk my RP before it even got off the ground. There are only 6 members and no one is in the chat room, and barely anyone is submitting art. And I NEED ART FRIENDS!! I hadn't realized how much I DON'T have art friends until just now! 

I dub thee "Monster Soup"

That is my name for Prometheus. The less than stunning, and fairly confusing Ridley Scott opus. I think Scott has spent too much time away from genre films to put together a coherent one now. AND it begs the question, when was the last time Ridley actually WATCHED Alien?

BUT it wasn't terrible. It just wasn't a good prequel for Alien. 


1- the instant the ship reaches the planet they turn a corner and oh look! It's exactly what we're looking for! We didn't even have to search! How convenient! OK, this does get a lot of, well, people sitting around talking looking for things. But it was just way too convenient too.

2- Wheres the Aliens??? No, seriously??? Where's the Aliens??? Well, there aren't any. Not really. Instead we have "Monster Soup". A genetic soup from which monsters spring and infect people and turn them into monsters. I was able to piece together what I think happened in the movie and what the monster soup was, but I don't KNOW if I'm right.

3- I can haz info dump pleez??? This movie NEEDED, and I mean NEEDED an info dump. People underestimate a good info dump. Sometimes it's nice to actually be told WTF is HAPPENING on screen. I was dying! HOPING! WAITING! For two character to jaw over a computer display, or a microscope and TELL ME what the hell is up with monster soup!?!?!?!?!?!

4- Monster soup- So.... my guess is that Engineer- AKA the ubermensch, AKA the whitest whities in the universe, Aliens (who are NOT the Giger Aliens but the "Navigator" Aliens (which where a LOT cooler when I thought they didn't look like humans- but sadly without the helmet they do)- are you lost yet? SO, the Engineers who are responsible for making people (along with every other alien race that has also made mankind) with their own genetics, which is accomplished by one super white guy drinking a cup of death and unzipping his genetic material into a waterfall. SO, the Engineers are masters of genetics. They make critters like we make shoes. SO on the planet Prometheus goes too is a sort of genetics lab where the Whities make... well, monsters out of monster soup which, my best guess, is a soup of genes that can combine and recombine to make anything.... Mostly penis snakes.... Oh, and Cthuhlu. Don't forget Cthulhu. SO the Engineers, are slated to go BACK to earth and destroy life - or just make more penis snakes. But before the Engineers can go back and rectify humanity (I mean why make mini-me's when you can make penis snakes right?) something happens at their genetic facility. What happens we don't know. No ONE knows, and you NEVER find out. But maybe they made a disease, maybe their penis snakes turned (who are also vaginal looking too) to maybe their hermaphroditic penis snakes turned against them. Anyway, there is one White guy left in a stasis chamber. Which leads me to problem 5...

5- Weyland is alive??? OMFG! The surprise is not that the old dude is alive, nor is it that for some reason, instead of casting an actual dude, they cast Guy Pierce and put him in very obvious old age make-up... The problem is that NO ONE is actually surprised, or remarks on the fact, that the leader of the company forking over the money for this expedition, is secretly on board! No really! No one notices!

6- Speaking of things no one notices- Shaw (the lady main character) is unsurprisingly impregnated by her BF who is infected with monster soup. SO of course, she is carrying monster baby. A bunch of other characters are trying to take her a stasis chamber, and a big deal is made about getting her quarantined. BUT, of course, she escapes them and NONE OF THEM COME AFTER HER. Nope, she runs for a medical bed that can cut out the baby monster. So, Shaw gives birth to a bouncing baby Cthuhlu!!! See!! I told you Cthuhlu is in the movie! So she runs a decontamination protocol and baby Cthuhlu is dead. And Shaw is still free to run around the ship, discover old Weyland, who she is not surprised to see- ALONG WITH MYSTERY BUTLERS! Who were stashed away somewhere... And no one is ever looking for Shaw despite her desperate escape from people trying to take her to a stasis chamber so they can get her back to earth.

7- So, Weyland is on Prometheus to go see the White Dudes! After all, what does one rich white dude love more than an even whiter dude? David? Daniel? David!- shiny new android obsessed with Lawrence of Arabia (and kudos on movie choice)- takes Weyland to go see Whitey. And OMG!! Shaw tags along, and no one cares of stops her, especially not Mystery Butlers. So shaw whines ineffectually while Weyland asks inane questions, and Whitey stands there waiting for his cue too----- Kicketh ASS. Yeah! Engineer is not happy to mini-me from earth and kills Weyland, tears off Dave's head, and kills Mystery Butlers. Shaw is smart enough to run away. 

8- The LAST major problem and it is HUGE and am I on crack or did it happen? So Shaw runs away but, oh no! Dave radios Shaw and says and says "Engineer is headed back to Earth with a cargo hold of Monster Soup! Stop hims! Shaw says OK. Stuff happens, ship splodes, Charlize Theron get's squashied. AND then! Dave is all there's more ships! Shaw can leave with Dave! Because Dave is TOTALLY in love with Shaw OMG! (Do Androids Dream of Electric Porn?) So Shaw says- Ok we go now. Can you get me to the Engineer home world? Dave says sure then asks why? Shaw wants to ask White Dudes why they changed their mind on killing life on earth (or rather starting over with penis snakes instead of hominids...). AND OMFFFFFFGG!!!! NOT TEN MINUTES AGO YOU SAID THE ENGINEERS WERE TAKING OFF TAKING OFF FROM THE PLANET TO GO TO EARTH TO DESTROY THEIR CREATION WITH MONSTER SOUP!! THEY DIDN'T CHANGE THEIR MINDS!! THEY ARE HOSTILE! THEY KILLED WEYLAND AND MYSTERY BUTLERS!!!! Where the fuck did "changing their minds come from??" They didn't change their mind!! They just got distracted when their penis snakes turned against them!! (Or whatever happened in the monster soup factory- we'll never know!! Because no one bothered with an effing info-dump!)

9- The final plothole- SO, after all that, fade to black, oops, fade in, Engineer got killed by Cthuhlhu who WAS not DEAD but grew big. So, dead engineer is dead on a 'life boat' which is where Cthulhu killed him, and out of dead Engineer's chest pops!!! Well... A sort of, almost Alien Alien.  BUT it begs the question- WHERE'D ALL THEM DAMN EGGS FROM THE FIRST MOVIE COME FROM?? And remember the first movie how they found the Engineer with a big ole hole in his chest??? WELL WHERE DID THAT ENGINEER COME FROM?? The only vague possibility-which they hint at- is that there are tons more monster soup facilities (because Dave tells us so, all with their own ships. Also Shaw takes off in one. And each ship comes with a an Engineer in a stasis pod, and apparently the not quite Alien-Alien wandered around, luckily all the monster soup facilities are in a nice row across the surface- AND WHERE WERE THOSE IN THE FIRST MOVIE??? How come no one noticed a whole bunch of monster soup facilities??) SO the Alien, wanders around, finds the next monster soup factory, wakes up the Navigator, deposits egg in chest, and a Queen hatches and lays tons of eggs then dies and the eggs wait for Sigourney Weaver to show up.

So that's it. That's my theory of what happened. DID  Ridley Scott bother to watch his own damn movie before shooting the prequel?? Or was he like "Naw... I remember it well enough, it'll be fine!"

Well, you know what Ridley? You didn't remember it well enough. Just go make Gladiator 2 or something. You lost your SciFi mojo.

OR there better be an extended edition 4 hour version on the way which MAKES SENSE.

Stop joining things!!!

Land of Adventure App storm Witch
by ~spiderliing666 on deviantART

his one was too good to pass up!!! An Adventure Time RP on Deviant Art which is THE BEST place to RP I swear!!! It's kind of a shame that DA didn't exist back in the Holt days! SO easy to run a group!!! 

At least when you have members!! *SOB* My group is 2 weeks old and NO MEMBERS!! I keep joining more RPs on DA in the hopes that people will reciprocate... Well, that, and as a few of you old holt leaders know, I am a character creation whore!! I love it! Of course the art on DA is so good! So you are in groups with these amazing digital artists and then have to post your work along side it... erg.... I'm doing a room key for Ajani (my gorgon) and well, a lot of people have posted amazing room keys already. And mine is just... well.. mediocre...  Of course not everyone can draw! Some are just learning, some are bad but putting their heart into it, everyone tries! I come out pretty middle of the road. I don't get lots of comments.

So, when was the last time posted the link to my Nachtwald group?? What's that you say? The last time I posted?? Well here it is again! http://nachtwald.deviantart.com/

My Nachtwald Character!

Nachtwald OC Soralta Orlock
by ~spiderliing666 on deviantART

his is my Nachtwald character! Cool huh? I'm looking forward to playing him!! AND, AS ALWAYS, feel free to join me!!

Vampire Werewolf Reference
by ~spiderliing666 on deviantART

I'm still working to get this off the ground! It's going pretty well though! I discovered how to make little stars on DA!! And the write-ups are complete!! AND I NEED MEMBERS! ACTIVE members!!! Who want to do things!! And who draw stuff!! 

Oh!OOOH!! I also made a nice little avatar for the group!! And I've sent several affiliate requests! I think if there is art work in the galleries people will join! I'm hoping the affiliates and my own RP activity on DA will also draw in members. So come by and check it out!!!  http://nachtwald.deviantart.com/

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