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Aria Sharanova
by ~spiderliing666 on deviantART

Karillon Evolutions
by ~spiderliing666 on deviantART

Fimp Evolutions
by ~spiderliing666 on deviantART

o I have been ART busy!!! Yays!! Two more Fakemon and another character for a different RP on Deviant Art. This one is for a Pokemon chibi gijinka group.

IN ADDITION I have been hard at work making an RP group based on DARK MOON DIARY!! That's right! It's MY book and maybe I still want to play in that world a bit more! And if a roleplay group on DA let's me do it, than so be it! PLEASE JOIN PLEASE JOIN PLEASE JOIN PLEASE JOIN! I have the rules, FAQs, character templates and some other stuff posted already! I'm looking for computer saavy admins/contributors right now to really grow the group! I have three so far! 
LINKIE!! http://nachtwald.deviantart.com/
I'll post my Nachtwald Character when I have him done! It takes place at the same high school Priscilla went to- Vlad Tepes Memorial High. JOIN ME FOR FUN!!! 

So I got dragged (LOL! I went willingly enough), to not one but TWO movies!!

First up: Battleship- ...well, it's better than you'd think a movie based on a dated board game would be. Good points- 'splosions, battleships, Navy stuff, Japanese Guy, cool alien tech, and more explosions. There is a lot of good humor in it too, and double amputees! Which you never see in movies! Everyone shows war, but no one ever shows the end results of having your legs blown off.

The Bad- stars John Carter of Mars and for some reason, no one has figured out he can't act. Token blonde woman. Token wacky professor, and crappy looking aliens. the aliens did not live up to the coolness of their technology.

Next up: Dark Shadows- Not bad. Not bad at all. But it also missed a lot of opportunities to be funnier. But the acting is great, the settings are great, and it's fun. Will it win an Oscar? I hope not- it's not that good... But it's worth the go-see.

Shipping Soon!

X-mas (not a typo) gifts for friends. Finally! OMFG! 

Arrivals- A book I ordered off Amazon called "The River That God Forgot". It's old, but it's an amazing book about the rubber trade in Manaus during the turn of the century. I'm attempting to write a steampunk short story set there. There isn't much steampunkness about it though...

AND I've discovered that Deviant Art has ROLEPLAYING GROUPS!!  Squee! I've joined one so far and I'm trying to get one based off dark Moon Diary up and running! And of course I'm looking for a couple more to join. One is really active and beautifully done and based off an anime I've never seen... But it looks awesome and they are accepting apps in June :)
 So that's about it! 


by ~spiderliing666 on deviantART

Clover Club App Ajani Petrohilos
by ~spiderliing666 on deviantART

So I did a bunch of art! And nothing I'm supposed to be doing... er... I made up a character for an RP on DA (I didn't know they existed so I'm trying to apply to a couple!). She is a gorgon (obviously). AND I finished my OC Pokemon trainer! Isn't she cute?! Yes she is, for the record, the answer is yes.

AND I drew more Pokemon for the group on DA which I'm now an official artist for :) It's nice to have fun and do things! 

I'm officially a Pokenerd now!!!

by ~spiderliing666 on deviantART

by ~spiderliing666 on deviantART

OK! So these are my first Fakemon, which are fake Pokemon. I also joined a group where I can post them on DA. I'm also thinking of making my own region! I want to make a tropical archipelago where every gym is on a different island and all the Pokemon are based on tropical animals.

I still don't have the art style down. Bigger eyes, cuter Pokemon! Etc! So I will try harder! I may re-do Gourad and Pumpagon but I like Skwash a lot! 

I'll try harder next time!

by ~spiderliing666 on deviantART

No way.

The biggest flaw in that Snow White and the Huntsman movie is Kirsten (Kristen?) Stewart. Because there is NO universe in all the universes that exist in which Stewart is prettier than Charlize Theron. It is not humanly possible to be prettier than Charlize Theron. Just no. No. Although Theron as evil queen ALMOST makes me want to see that movie. Not because I'm a fan of Theron but because it looks like she gets all the cool costumes and special effects and she turns into a flock of crows!


I took theses at the doll show I went to Saturday :) It was really fun and I bought a lot of great things! Comments on DoA are always welcome!!!


Got a little done this week

Avenging Angel
by ~spiderliing666 on deviantART

ot the angel done for the harem game- remember that? Begun three years ago and still not finished! Arg! It is my albatross. A sexy, sexy, albatross... LOL!

This song is so much more optimistic than I'm feeling right now... I heard it years ago on the radio when it first came out but I missed the artist name and never heard it again. I only JUST decided to look it up on the internet and it was surprisingly easy to find. It made a huge impression on me and the song stuck with me all these years. It was the theme song of some forgotten character too, I remember that. Probably one of The Fallen. I had a series of drawing in college called 'Karaoke in Hell' where my fallen angels sang different pop songs. I had to write out the lyrics by listening to the songs over and over from the radio! It SUUUUUCKED. This was back when the internet was new and useless and used only for pron chat rooms and MUCKS? Muds? those D&D games online. God the internet used to suck!! Raise your hand if you remember Netscape Navigator!!! 

OMG! Total digression! I was going to bitch a bunch! Saved by nostalgia!

I made this!

I made this!
by ~spiderliing666 on deviantART

et another sewing project! This is the MSD waloli outfit for the swap on DoA. Once I finish the Yo size one I'm going to start making things to sell. These outfits are coming out way to good and take too long to make not to make some money on them.

Yesterday I spazzed out and almost applied to The Art Department's full course Drawing and Painting course. http://theartdepartment.org/   The application fee is $55. But then I reminded myself 1-I'm old and they will reject me on account of being old and crappy, 2- I'm not that good an artist, and 3-I can't afford to go back to art school, even virtual art school, I don't have the money and supposedly I'm trying to be a writer.

My problem is I vacillate between art and writing. I try art, get rejected a bunch/fail. Try writing get rejected a bunch/fail then go back to art, hoping against hope, that at some point one of them will pan out and I'll make a living as a creative person.

I made that hair clip too :)

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